An online car buying service is one of the different ways to sell your car through the internet. When you try to sell your car online by yourself,you might find the process very stressful and overwhelming. You might connect to unserious buyers, get low prices, or get people outside your local area. But with our services, you can sell your car at ease, quickly and at the right price.
What Is An Online Car Buying Service
How 212WeBuy Works
With our service, you get the best prices for your vehicle from our verified buyers. Send us accurate details about your vehicle including your reg and mileage to get instant valuation.
You will receive the best offers directly from buyers in your area.
Once you accept the offer, you contact the buyer directly and get your money into your bank account.

How It Works

How We Find The Best Buyer And Offer For You
How Much Does 212WeBuy Charge
Providing us with accurate details about your vehicle or automotive helps us find the best buyer for your automotive or vehicle.
Body Type
Engine Size
Engine Type
At least 3 photos of your vehicle or automotive (both interior and exterior)
Guess what - 212WeBuy is 100% free of charge! We’ll never charge you any money to find a buyer for your car, bikes, trucks, boats, semi-trucks and trailers. We don’t ask for your credit card. Try us out - we are free, fast and easy.
212WeBuy will not show or share your email address or personal information with any buyer. We conduct all communications between you and the buyers anonymously. A buyer will only know who you are when you decide to call them or fix a date to close the deal.
With our help, you can get the best offer for your vehicle from all the pawn shops in your region.
Tell What You Want To Pawn. Send us info about your vehicle with all the details using online form.
Get Your Offers. We collect the best offers pawn shops are making for you.
Choose The Best. Find the one, suited you the most, and get the pawn shop contacts.
Get Your Cash. Pawn your car for the best price or interests and take your money
The more details you give us, the higher your chances of getting a good and reasonable offer. Details like:
Am I Obligated To Take An Offer
Will Buyers See My Personal Information
No, you are not obligated to take any offer you are not comfortable with from any buyer selected by 212WeBuy.
Type or select an option
Fill out the form and we will contact you soon.
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Why 212WeBuy
Selling your vehicle or any automotive can be tricky and hard to do. The process is somewhat frustrating and you also have to worry about getting a good deal. But with 212WeBuy, we guarantee a stress -free process. You can rely on us to connect you to buyers and get only the best offers for your cars, bikes, moto, trucks, boats, trailers and semi-trucks.
212WeBuy gives you more when you need it the most.
Successful deals
Verified Buyers
About 212WeBuy
At 212WeBuy, our goal is simple, to help you find the best buyer and offer for your car, bike, truck, boat, semi-truck and trailers.
We only work with verified and reliable buyers
Save you time and money. No more going through lots of unserious buyers or getting unreasonable offers.
We get the best price for your vehicle or automotive with our fair and competitive valuation tool.
Hassle-free transactions. You only get the information of a buyer with the best offer.
If you are searching for a car buying service that is reliable, fast, free and easy, then, we are the right one for you. We help sellers find the best offers under 10 minutes in a few simple taps and also enable buyers to buy the cars in good conditions directly from sellers.
Having deal with pawn shops is always a question of trust. Let us help you find a reputable and high-quality pawn shop for your vehicle.
Our Clients Reviews & Feedback
I recommend 212WeBuy to anybody that wants to sell their car with ease. Their staff are pleasant, helpful and attend to all your questions in a professional manner. They do more than find you the best offer - they also care.
Gabrial Mendez
The only service that connects you to good buyers and gets you good deals. I highly recommend them!

Jason Chen
Luise Patrone
I needed to sell my car real quick for some quick cash and 212WeBuy came to my rescue. They got me the best offer and I got the cash I needed. Thanks!
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